JBH Arizona Named Quality Contractor of the Quarter

On Wednesday, July 25, 2012, JBH received the first ever QUALITY CONTRACTOR OF THE QUARTER Award as given by our microelectronics customer and the site’s construction manager. JBH earned this award through a lot of hard work and dedication by our project teams. Candidates for this award were and continue to be measured through various metrics tracked by the owner and construction manager, and JBH has consistently come out on top!

Two critical elements that lead to JBH success:

The field supervision working side by side with our BIM team.  They worked through the BIM/design process with patience and commitment.  Not putting work in place until it was modeled and had been issued for fabrication and approved by the customer.  By sticking to this discipline, even through the schedule pressures, it enabled us to deliver an accurate model to our customers and to our fellow subcontractors coordinating their work around us.  

JBH maintained a excellent record of Quality Observation Reports and Audit results as recorded by our customers.  Time after time they observed clean and professional installations of the work by our field team.  Our field team worked well with our QA/QC crew to ensure that the work was checked throughout the building process using incremental checklists and clean system turnovers that were verified to plans, specifications and the coordinated construction model.

The customer stated that due to this consistent performance the decision to give us the award was clear and without question.  In addition to being recognized with this award at an important site meeting, our entire AZ team will be receiving a celebratory pot roast lunch and tokens of appreciation from the owner and construction manager.