Process-Based Construction Driving Consistent Results

This project could be labeled as a design-build, and the direction we were going to take was unclear at times. (JBH) had some great solutions to my concerns and we gained additional needed square footage…I had problems and the guys at JB Henderson had solutions. I would like to say thank you to the entire team at JBH for the continued professionalism and dedication I see every time I call them for any project, large or small.

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Procurement and Construction Approach

Upon contract award, the JBH Project team will immediately begin pre-construction activities, initiating the JBH Project Management process. Each JBH Project Manager uses the documented Project Management and Field Core Processes to guide them through a successful project, each tailored to meet the strict installation requirements for  construction. These processes dictate and drive actions of both Project Management and Field Personnel, including pre-qualified subcontractors from pre-construction through project close-out. Disciplined execution of these Core Processes ensures consistent results on all projects. JB Henderson has documented these processes in its quality management system, documenting best practices. Every step of the project management process from pre-construction to close-out is mapped in detail and guides our PMs and Superintendents throughout the life of a project. This effort parallels PM and Field activities, providing detailed forms and checklists to establish project documentation and work flow.

Our goal is to clearly outline project execution activities and provide our project teams with the information and tools they need to achieve project excellence.


The Pre-construction process leads the team through six critical project planning focus areas.

Meetings – document review, estimating handoff, project kickoff.

Goal: Bring cohesion to the project and the team by focusing on communicating project information and discussing how to meet the needs of all stakeholders while achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Plan & Schedule – storyboard, develop schedule, communicate critical milestones to project team, implement a schedule for project status meetings, BIM meetings, safety meetings, and additional communication avenues as warranted.

Goal: Allows the team to break the project into smaller pieces and map out the plan of execution based on the overall project schedule.  JBH will  identify all critical handoffs and ensure streamlined workflow throughout contractor, subcontractor and vendor interfaces.

Budget & Billing – develop budget, develop billing document, and review any billing provisions with accounting department.

Goal: Provides an opportunity for the PM to transfer pricing information from estimating phase into a project budget and manage cash flow. The PM works with the robust JBH accounting department to ensure all project costs are tracked and documented in our enterprise project management software system and that all costs are delineated per contract requirements.

Procurement – submittals, identify long lead items, issue purchase orders and manage sub-contractors.

Goal: Begins in the pre-construction phase and allows for regular submittal reviews and approvals and long-lead item ordering and delivery

Document Control – defines project’s electronic file system, develop sub/supplier contact list, and control project records.

Goal: Standardized construction documentation ensures that current copies of all drawings, contract documents, and associated construction requirements are available and accessible at all times. Early management of this step is critical to O&M Manual development.

Safety – develop integrated work documents, complete a site-assessment with project safety representative and any owner safety professionals, and obtain required safety training for project team.

Goal: Identification of safety needs allows the PM to assess the training required for the project and work to bridge any gaps. The PM communicates critical safety information to the assigned project safety representative who ensures all training is obtained. It is JBH policy that all employees have completed OSHA 10,  Foreman and Superintendents completing OSHA 30, and all safety personnel completing OSHA 500.

Each of the above Pre-Construction focus areas direct the project team to perform the steps necessary to a achieve a structured, efficient and profitable project.

Project Execution

Once the PM and Superintendent have organized the project, the Project Execution Process is implemented. Following the same model as pre-construction, this process breaks the project into six critical paths with subsequent activities focused on installation. Below is a list of project activities that JB Henderson will manage and/or participate in throughout construction to standardize project execution.

Meetings – Weekly or more as needed: PM/Labor Lead, Safety, Internal Coordination, BIM, and Project Status; in addition to any additional owner project status meetings.

Goal: Provide regular opportunities for structured project communication and status assessments to review project metrics.

Plan, Schedule and Forecast – plan reviews, schedule maintenance, forecasting. During construction JBH will have a scheduler positioned to support each project manager and maintain an accurate and timely assessment of project activities.

Goal: Maintain a consistent and accurate project view, avoiding unexpected schedule and budget events.

Progress Billing – generate invoices, track payment, monitor payroll, ensure subcontractor statuses and payment activities, catalogue equipment purchases.

Goal: ensure project costs are paid supporting continual work flow.

Procurement – manage all purchase orders, subcontractor management, coordination with vendors as necessary, ensuring their compliance with all project requirements. Maintain material and equipment storage areas if utilized.

Goal: Management of all project sub-contracts and PO’s supporting contract compliance.

Resource Management – jobsite walks, RFI maintenance, change management

Goal: responsive and adaptable project management

Safety – periodic field reviews, review required safety forms, develop site specific safety plan, manage sub-contractor safety, work with owner to ensure overall safety compliance and management.

Goal: Zero incidents or injuries.

Project Closeout

Once construction is complete, the project team will utilize the Project Closeout Process to conduct final closeout activities. The backbone of the pre-construction, project execution and project closeout processes is the PM checklist. The PM utilizes this extensive checklist to track individual task completion throughout the project including warranty information, completion of punch-list items, submission of red line drawings, and issuance of certificates of occupancy and completion of system start-up and all required owner training.

Goal: Complete Customer Satisfaction

The complicated business of managing a construction project has been segmented into the above focus areas to ensure all project details are managed in a professional, coordinated, and calculated manner.

JBH delivered exceptional quality and service regarding their integral involvement with the planning and execution activities alongside the Project Team, Operations, and Customer. They were very engaged using their experience to bring workable solutions needed to develop near and long term solutions for a very complex problem that could have had significant impacts to owner’s ability to deliver on mission commitments.