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The JBH Construction approach applies scientific principles to project management by mapping and planning all project aspects, utilizing best known methods derived from over 60 years of experience to direct structured output that can be clearly communicated to our customers daily. JBH performs general and mechanical contracting and is dedicated to serving our customers and employees through collaborative construction focused on safety, solutions, and skill. Using a process-based organizational approach, JBH builds for manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients in both the public and private sectors. By combining traditional values with cutting-edge capabilities we deliver construction projects that meet the strictest industry regulations from standard building codes to ASME, DOE, and NQA-1 quality mandates, while constantly focusing on the human aspect and fostering long-standing client and employee relationships.


Quality of the work throughout the contract was very good, especially the piping. Workers were well qualified, and the superintendent was exceptional. Pre-planning of work was noteworthy.

Federal Contract, R&D Customer Representative