Pipe and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Welding. It is an Art Form.

JBH maintains over 50,000 sf of fabrication space at our New Mexico and Arizona facilities including clean room fabrication areas.


JBH is an approved NQA-1 Supplier and proud member of the Pipe Fabrication Institute and Mechanical Contractors Association. We are available to provide all of your fabrication needs and are experienced and certified working with materials ranging from 1/16″ through 36″. JBH is also ASME certified under the U, S, R Certifications.

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BIM, Fabrication, Transport, to Field Install workflows ensure efficient material handling throughout contract management.

Sheet Metal

We are available to provide all of your fabrication needs including round and square duct assemblies, specialized metal pieces, laboratory exhaust and hoods, and quality compliant systems for federal installations.

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The above custom table is the fourth designed and built by the JBH Pipe and Sheet Metal Fabrication team.

JBH partnered very well with the project team and customer. The follow-on equipment installation vendor commented that this installation was the finest installation he’s ever witnessed at any of his world-wide customers facilities. JBH also took the initiative to utilize BIM for development of the fab shop spools. Utilization of BIM identified several clashes that were able to be resolved long before material was installed.

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