Nuclear Quality Assurance NQA-1, AG-1

JBH is an approved DOE Order 414.1D and NQA-1 supplier and has the expertise, resources, and commitment to execute any project safely, within budget, on schedule, and to the most demanding quality standards. Our process-based project management approach ensures predictable results on every project we perform including general contracting, process-piping, mechanical installation, and fabrication for the NQA-1 industry.

The JBH Quality Management Systems address each of the 18 Requirements of NQA-1 Quality Compliance:

  1. Organization
  2. Quality Assurance Program
  3. Design Control
  4. Procurement Document Control
  5. Instructions, Procedures and Drawings
  6. Document Control
  7. Control of Purchased Material, Equipment and Services
  8. Identification and Control of Materials Parts and Services
  9. Control of Special Processes
  10.  Inspection
  11. Test Control
  12. Control of Measuring and Test Equipment
  13. Handling, Storage and Shipping
  14. Inspection, Test and Operating Status
  15. Nonconforming Items
  16. Corrective Action
  17. Quality Assurance Records
  18. Audits

LEED/Energy Efficient Construction

JBH is experienced in the following energy efficient installations and holds current contracts for energy performance contracting assessments and retrofits in the manufacturing, high-tech, and higher education sectors.

  • ROI Estimating/Installation
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • High Efficiency Mechanical Equipment installation
  • Biomass/Green Fuels/Geo-Exchange
  • Waste-Heat Recovery Systems
  • Life-Cycle Equipment Replacements


JBH maintains ASME Stamps: U, S, R demonstrating our ability to construct, design, and repair; pressure vessels, Section I boiler equipment, and piping for the power industry.

Indications, based on meeting and field comments, are that they are comfortable with the construction efforts to date. They were happy to see the designated storage areas for ML1 and ML2 equipment/materials and did look at the SPCS materials. Please extend our appreciation to your crafts and subcontractors.

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