The DI Polish project was a one-of-a-kind installation. This project’s unique materials and customized systems meant creating new techniques to ensure install met manufacturer requirements as well as design intent.

The Deionized water system specified PVDF piping and components. This material is made of a specialty plastic used in applications requiring the highest purity and is typically 12- 14 weeks from order to delivery, requiring focused pre-planning and material procurement closely aligned with schedule milestones. This material is also expensive, adding additional pressure to the BIM and fabrication teams to minimize waste and exercise extensive planning. JBH installed roughly 1000 feet of PVDF for this project.

The owner furnished the 7 skids fabricated at the vendor’s facility in California. JBH participated in multiple design-assist sessions throughout submittal, product order, fabrication, and delivery of the skid systems. Once formal approval of  P&ID drawings by A/E and Customer was received, skid fabrication took 24 weeks.

JBH focused its BIM reviews on assurance that the interconnecting pipe met intended Points of Connection (POC) as well as fabrication reviews to ensure material cuts and welds met dimensional requirements.  All interconnecting pipe routing was fabricated in JBH’s Albuquerque fabrication facility.

The DI Polish System is now in operation, supporting the continued production of a federal semi-conductor facility with 24:7 operation which remained full occupied and operational throughout construction. Like most finished projects, the end result is impressive, but the countless hours of brainstorming, planning, material procurement, welding, and testing are ingrained in the system, with its operational status as the bookend to months of hard work by multi-disciplined design and construction professionals.