The JBH Rigging/Process Crew in Arizona was recognized for their exemplary execution of a very difficult tank set at our microelectronics customer’s site. This effort was one in a series of modifications at the facility. The working conditions in the “PIT” are hot with temperatures exceeding 120 degrees in July. It is extremely dangerous due to the chemicals being processed and neutralized onsite and space is limited. The tank required the reinforcement band be cut to enable a 1/2 inch clearance between the tank and existing structural steel before it could be lowered down. Once lowered, it went through a myriad of brittle, acid waste piping before resting on its pad. The site owner and their construction manager recognized JBH for a flawless planning effort and a safe, perfect execution to this extremely risky work. This work was the last in a series of tank sets in the Pit. Previous work included a live tie-in to the acid waste system including an acid waste flow diversion work process that enabled the facility to continue with production. This is a great example of JBH moving forward at a new site and gaining the confidence of the owner and construction manager. They have learned to trust JBH with their most critical work and consistently acknowledge the abilities of our personnel. The JBH crew was given recognition gift cards for this project and recognized at the construction manager’s weekly safety meeting.