This project was a MESA tooling subproject that provided a complete functional and operational semi-conductor toolset for the MicroFab cleanroom facility, and a limited toolset for the MicroLab facility. JBH’s scope of the tooling project for the MicroFab included 55 tools that had to be installed or relocated. These facilities contained specialized functions such as clean rooms, metallurgical process, thin films, microcircuit production, and electronic fabrication. Tool Installation required the use of 4N2, 3N2, 2Nc, O2, AR, NH3, SIH4/H2, S12H6, He, Dopant B, Dopant A, CL2, BCL3, SF6, HPH2, LPH2, N20, CH4, HBR, C4F8, SIH4/HE, CF4/02, CHF3, and CF4 gases. JBH furnished, as necessary all supervision, labor, materials, consumables, tools, equipment and vehicles to perform structural, mechanical, electrical, high purity and cleanroom modifications. This included equipment installation and/or relocation for all machining, manufacturing, production facilities and associated incidental utilities in special access areas. Work was performed on an as needed, time and material basis. JBH completed each tool within schedule estimates. A specific example of this was tool #209, the CHA Evaporator that was relocated from bldg. 858. It was considered a matter of national security to finish within the required time frame. JBH met the customer’s quality requirements within the required deadline. Tool #215, the E-beam, also required specific schedule considerations. This tool’s pedestal was an 8000 lb. granite structure. This had to be moved carefully as not to harm the pedestal, adjoining equipment, floor, walls or personnel. Moving this pedestal required consultations with engineers to ensure the pedestal would move as anticipated and that once in place it would stay there. Once the move was complete, the pedestal had to be set below the floor, which required the assistance of our architectural crew. The move was completed successfully with no impact to the schedule, and with no safety incidents.