JBH performed the process piping and mechanical scope for this extensive project at a confidential microelectronics manufacturer. JBH provided all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to complete the demolition, re-location, piping pre-facilitation and final connections necessary for all end-points and associated ancillary equipment. The initial portion of the project required installation of support systems for distribution of specific gasses and chemicals from bulk storage to individual end- points. The next portion was the completion of building improvements to support the modified layout of each end-point. This included installation of cleanroom floors, ceilings, walls, and supporting laboratories. JBH furnished, installed, modified and removed high and low purity process piping components from the facility to designated points of connection. The scope also included the furnishing, installation, removal and replacement of vacuum fore-line systems, utility piping, and installation of drain system components between facility and end-point connections. Removal and re-installation of bulk chemical distribution system piping was also required along with the fitting of tubing for a vital monitoring detection apparatus used at the facility.