The Albuquerque International Sunport is a complex operating facility governed by strict operational rules and procedures to ensure the safety and security of the general public, airline operators, airport personnel and airport contractors. Working in such a public area presented many challenges. Our customer was the City of Albuquerque who is represented by the Aviation Department. We also had secondary customers such as the Airlines, vendors and the architect. It was important to maintain the public safety and therefore much of our work had to be coordinated with all of our customers and performed during non-standard hours (9 PM – 6 AM). Due to security requirements all construction personnel were required to wear identification badges at all times. The badges had to updated 3 times during this year long project. The extensive updates consisted of demolition and removal of existing casework for existing Flight Information Display (FID) and Baggage Information Displays (BID). This included new podia and back wall flight information display systems at each boarding gate of all concourses. Replacing existing FID’s and BID’s included wiring and terminations of all associated electrical and special systems