The MESA Tooling Subproject provided a complete functional and operational semi-conductor toolset for the MicroFab cleanroom facility at Sandia National Laboratories, and a limited toolset for the MicroLab facility. JBH’s scope of the tooling project for the MicroFab included tools that had to be installed or relocated. These facilities contained specialized functions such as clean rooms, metallurgical process, thin films, microcircuit production, and electronic fabrication. Several specialty gasses were involved with the tool installation. JBH was required to furnish, as necessary all supervision, labor, materials, consumables, tools, equipment, and vehicles to perform structural, mechanical, electrical, high purity, and cleanroom modifications. This included equipment installation and/or relocation for all machining, manufacturing, production facilities, and associated incidental utilities in special access areas. Work was performed on an as needed, time and material basis.