This project required installation of the owner furnished EPI Tool and support equipment including: Trichlorosilane Chemical System (TCS), TCS Bubbler Cabinet and Chiller, Argon Cylinders, DCS Cabinet, Hydrochloride Acid Cabinet, Hydrogen purifier, abatement unit and vacuum pumps. Installation required interface of process gas, exhaust & vacuum, and water distribution systems with ancillary work including raised metal floor and ceiling modifications necessary based on non-standard tool dimensions. Movement of tool from entry point to set point was over 270 feet and completed during non-standard hours.

Contractor provided complete install of the following owner provided equipment including all utility routing:

Abatement units (Centrotherm and Dry Scrubber) x 2

Gas Cabinet (HCI and Phosphine) x 2

EPI Tool and 3 vacuum pumps

H2 distribution valve box and H2 purifier  x 2

N2 purge rack

Argon cylinder cabinet

Trichlorosilane (TCS) bubbler and deliver system

3-D Modeling was utilized to ensure interconnecting pipe routes met points-of-connection and support off-site manufacturing. Welder qualifications were required based on use of specialized orbital welding machines. JBH Quality Assurance/Quality Control personnel worked closely with the JBH superintendent to ensure constant calibration of equipment and output standards.