The Weapons Integration Facility (WIF) is the final building of the MESA complex located at the southeastern edge of Sandia National Laboratories. The 400,000 square foot MESA complex consists of a Micro-fabrication Facility, a Microsystems Laboratory, and now the Weapons Integration Facility, which contains laser, electrical, visualization, and computer laboratories as well as office workspace for more than 600 scientists and engineers. J.B. Henderson’s scope of work included the construction of 36 laboratories on three floors. The combined activity of twelve trades during a very limited timeframe was performed efficiently due to a detailed resource loaded schedule and daily coordination meetings with trade leads. Each of the 36 labs required a unique scope of work including sound abatement requirements for labs that were built as vaults to be used for high security research. Four clean room areas were also constructed utilizing 90 fan filter units. Challenges for the crews involved construction of double sheetrock walls reaching from 20’ to 33’ high following the contours of a waffle slab deck. The project also integrated new industrial hygiene requirements implemented by the labs to protect crews from hazardous vapors and loud noises.