The Radio Shop Replacement Project is a design-build project of a 7,000 square foot service and support facility for Los Alamos National Laboratories. JBH was a subcontractor to B&D Industries, Inc. Our subcontract included all work other than design, electrical and controls. The facility consists of a high-bay service area that can accommodate vehicles as large as a fire truck for radio installation and maintenance, office area for technical support personnel, and a radio equipment room linked to a 70-foot high tower. The building sits on a concrete slab with turned-down footings to support the structure. Exterior finish is exposed CMU or stucco. Aluminum windows and skylights provide natural lighting. The interior finishes are drywall, carpet or VCT and acoustical ceiling tiles. The restrooms have ceramic tile floors and wainscot. Two large coiling doors provide drive-through access for trucks requiring service.