The Local Union 412 Joint-Apprenticeship Training Center serves as a training center for plumbing service and HVAC/R instruction. JB Henderson completed the 10,000 sf facility in 2016 serving as General Contractor managing the design-build contract and self-performing the mechanical scope.  The original training facility lacked sufficient space in which plumbing and HVACR lab work could take place.  “Hands-on lab work is vital for our apprentices who see a wide variety of work within the State and the El Paso area.” said Courtenay Eichhorst, the center’s Training Coordinator.  “It is not uncommon for some of our students to spend large portions of their apprenticeship in chip process facilities or at power plants in the Four Corners Area.”  He went on to add, “… it is our job to produce a quality apprentice whose skills are well rounded. We owe that to our students, we owe that to our Journey workers in the field and we owe it to our contractors.  This new facility will allow us to leverage time and space to accomplish this.” This sentiment was echoed by Mr. Thomas Payne, the HVACR instructor of the JATC when he said “The new facility will allow us to expand in square footage as well as curriculum for more hands-on training on a variety of equipment”. JBH is signatory to LU 412 and both  CEO, Mark Henderson wand company President John Stroud are alum of the 412 apprenticeship program.