JBH Timeline


JBH embarks on their Lean Adventure, focused on eliminating waste and continuous improvement throughout admin and field operations.


JBH opens an office in Malta, NY, performing process piping in support of the local microelectronics industry


JBH is ranked 2nd Largest Mechanical Contractor in NM, 9th Largest in AZ


ENR SW names JBH the Specialty Contractor of 2012 based on our mechanical contracting revenue increase from 2010 to 2011, JBH community involvement and overall organizational performance.

John Michael Stroud is named President of JBH after 24 years of dedicated service.


JBH moves to its new corporate office located at 501 Eubank Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123.


Maria Guy JBH celebrates its 50th anniversary serving government, high tech, industrial and commercial clients throughout the Southwest since 1959.

JBH opens a site office in Chandler, AZ to support High Tech work at  a local microelectronics manufacturer.


Maria Guy Maria Guy serves as Pres. of Associated General Contractors NM Building Branch, first woman to do so in its 60 yr history.


Mark and Linda Henderson announce plans to transfer partial ownership to the employees of JBH through an Employee Stock Ownership Program.

H-Y Tech JBH embarks in a Joint-Venture with Yearout Mechanical to perform work for the National Enrichment Facility in Eunice, NM.


Mark G. Henderson announces plans for the transfer of ownership of JB Henderson to the Leadership Team.

JBH is named the #1 Specialty Contractor in New Mexico by New Mexico Business Weekly

Best Place to Work JBH in nominated as One of the Best Places to Work in New Mexico, by New Mexico Business Weekly


SW Contractor Magazine ranks JBH the Safest Contractor in New Mexico

JBH ranked the #2 Specialty Contractor in New Mexico by SW Contractor Magazine


JBH opens an office in Colorado Springs, Colorado


JBH opens an office in Rio Rancho, New Mexico


Charlie Watson Charlie Watson, current Controller, joins JB Henderson as the Assistant Controller

JBH acquires Davis and Associates of Santa Fe, New Mexico


Mark G. Henderson awarded the AGC's highest Commendation, the SIR award


JBH makes the jump from a small to a large business


JBH goes to Costa Rica to perform work for an international Semiconductor Manufacturer's new factory

Established JBH Quality Management System (QMS) by identifying core processes modeled after ISO 9000


Mark Henderson receives the Ron Brown Award

Established the first JBH Safety Committee


United Way JBH receives United Way of Central New Mexico Gold Award

Maria Guy Maria Guy, current VP, Operations Support, joins the Henderson team


Added Class 100 clean room ultra purity pipe fabrication facility

Mark Henderson serves as AGC NM Building Branch President

Mark Henderson serves as the MCA NM President until 1997


John Robertson John Robertson, current Vice President, joined the JBH Team


Mark G Henderson Mark G. Henderson became President of JBH

Jack B. Henderson passed away on Oct 26th


JBH built and moved into their present main office on Trumbull in Albuquerque October 26th


Bart DavisBart Davis, current VP, Northern NM Area Manager, joins the JBH Team


Dorian AtwaterDorian Atwater, current VP, Albuquerque Area Manager, joined the Henderson team


Mechanical Contractors Association JBH joins the Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA)


Mark G. Henderson earned his NM State Plumbing and Gas piping license.


Mechanical Contractors AssociationMark Henderson joined local 412 for plumbing and piping as a first year apprentice


Linda Henderson Linda Henderson, wife of Mark G. Henderson, first started working for JBH

1968 - 1971

Mark G. Henderson, son of Jack and current CEO, worked summers as a laborer.


Associated General Contractors JBH Joins the Associated General Contractors


Jack B. Henderson JB Henderson Construction Company was founded by Jack B. Henderson