Commitment to an Injury Free Environment

J.B. Henderson Construction Company, Inc. has worked aggressively to achieve the goal of reducing incidents and injuries. This could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of each employee, from the CEO to the trade worker in the field. It is with strong direction and commitment that we continually strive to improve. We continue to challenge ourselves to reduce incidents because we believe that an injury free environment is attainable.

Safety is a value at J.B. Henderson Construction which has enabled us to provide an environment where behavior reflects that concept. The following is a brief list of awards that J.B. Henderson Construction has received for safety performance:

  • 2017

JBH initiates their "Everyone Has a Hand in Safety" Campaign kicking off a new safety video and banner featuring hand-prints from JBH employees and their families.

  • 2016

JBH presents at the American Society of Safety Engineer’s 41st Professional Development Conference "Building a Future for Safety and Health" November 1-2, 2016 in Albuquerque, NM 

'Winning the War of Keeping Your People Safe'

Corporate EH&S Manager Barb Spitz 

Abstract: Keeping your people safe is no small task and creating an environment of self-motivated safety is priority number one. Once established, maintaining workforce ownership by having them continually realize their essential 'stakeholder' role you can create a culture of safety throughout your organization. This presentation will give you the skills to create your own culture of safety and make safe practices a way of life. 

'Lean Construction'

Lean/Continuous Improvement Manager Erryn Smart

Abstract: The presentation of 'Intro to Lean' will discuss JB Henderson's lean journey. The first part of the presentation will review how JB Henderson got started with their lean journey. Then review the 'Eight Deadly Wastes' that impact employees and prevent them from performing their best. The session will conclude with a discussion of simple but powerful tools that help engage employees to eliminate waste with continuous improvement techniques. 

  • JBH continues to maintain an incident rate 25% BELOW the national average based on OSHA construction standards


  • JBH continues to maintain an incident rate 25% BELOW the national average based on OSHA construction standards
  • JBH renews its Lead-Safe Certification with the Environmental Protection Agency demonstrating compliance with EPA demolition guidelines. 


  • JBH celebrates a 2014 EMR of .57, demonstrating our commitment to continuous safety excellence. 
  • JBH continues to maintain an incidence rate 25% BELOW the national average based on OSHA construction standards. 


  • JBH continues to maintain their incidence rate at 25% BELOW the national average based on OSHA construction standards.


  • JBH recieves recognition for maintaining a company incidence rate 25% BELOW the national average based on OSHA construction standards.


  • JBH  Incident Rate down .90 from 2011 and 1.36 from 2010
  • JBH marks the third consecutive year with no lost time incidents


  • JBH receives the Platinum Certificate for our Safety Program from our microelectronics-manufacturing customer.
  • JBH ranks # 14 in SW Contractor’s 2010 Safety Rankings based on our 2009 EMR of .59.


  • JBH ranked 18th regionally by SW Contractor Magazine in the Top Experience Modifier (EMOD) Safety Ratings based on our 2008 EMR.


  • JBH receives commendation from the AGC NM-Building Branch for an excellent safety record in 2007 for working 50,000 manhours or more with an incidence rate of 0.
  • JBH sets a company record by completing over 2,000,000 manhours without a lost day case.
  • AGC NM-Building Branch receives the 1st place Chapter Safety Award from AGC of America based on a lost workday case rate of .35 compared to the national average of .77. The award is based on a weighted average measuring high member participation in the National AGC Safety Awards tabulation program in 2007 with an accompanying overall low lost workday combined incidence rate reported collectively by the participating contractors.


  • J.B. Henderson Construction Co., Inc., set a chapter record for a single company with 1,144,142 hours posted without a lost workday case


  • Named Safest Contractor in New Mexico by SW Contractor Magazine


  • 3rd Place AGC of America Construction Safety Excellence Award


  • National Construction Users Roundtable Safety Award


Safety Performance

Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

Year/ Rate


2017  / .60

2016 / .56

2015 / .57

2014 / .57

2013 / .76



2012 / .80  

OSHA Lost Work Day Incident Rate
(per 200,000 Manhours)

Year/ Rate


2016 / 0

2015 / .61

2014 / .3

2013 / 0

2012 /.24



OSHA Recordable Incident Rate
(per 200,000 Manhours)

Year/ Rate


2016 / .73

2015 / 1.5

2014 / 1.5

2013 / 1.69

2012 /1.20