Enlisting Suppliers to Promote Lean Construction:VIDEO

JBH Superintendent Troy Korkosz teaches the "Securing our Future Through Lean Construction" course at Local Union 469, a class focused on teaching pipefitters to identify and mitigate activities that do not directly support streamlined installations. A key partnership promoting lean construction is with suppliers. Through communication of project goals and creative collaboration, contractors can enlist their suppliers to instill lean construction practices before the material even hits the jobsite as described in this video produced by Swagelok: 

JBH Expands Operations to Nevada

In November 2016, at the invitation of a long-time client, JBH mobilized to Sparks, NV 1,018 miles from the Corporate Office in Albuquerque, NM. In true JBH project character, the customer is confidential and the work is moving rapidly.  After years of practice making strategic moves throughout the country supporting our customers, JBH was able to mobilize and began installing immediately.  To support the effort, JBH's Albuquerque pipe fabrication facility is assembling 2"-8" PVC, creating 40' sections that are driven to Nevada weekly and unloaded directly into the facility. Past JBH strategic moves include Costa Rica, Colorado Springs, CO, Lehi Utah, Chandler, AZ, and Malta, NY.

JBH Recognized as a New Mexico Private 100 Employer

'For over 56 years one thing has remained constant: of all the things JBH does, providing jobs for hardworking construction professionals is the most important.  Our employees make JBH and we are honored to contribute to their livelihood, ensuring the well-being of each person and their families.  Creating and sustaining jobs for our mechanical and architectural trade professionals plus our administrative staff is what gets me out of bed every morning' 

Mark G. Henderson, CEO on being listed on the New Mexico Private 100 list. 


JBH Presents at 2016 Lean Construction Congress

JBH Lean Pioneers Arizona Area Manager Tracy Lucero and Arizona Area Superintendent Kyle Price will present 4 programs at this year's Lean Construction Congress October 3-7 in Chicago, IL.



JBH Welcomes New Personnel: NM + AZ

JBH welcomes the following new employees: 

PMI Cindy O'Connell, Alb., NM

PMI Leroy Martinez, Alb., NM

PMII Jimmy Chavez, Alb., NM

Piping Estimator, Alan Boughton, Chandler, AZ 

and congratulates the following promotions: 

PM II Beau Dawson, Alb, NM 

PM I Carl Haynes, Alb. NM 

Corporate Quality Manager Kim Hoch, Los Alamos, NM 


JBH Receives AGC Safety Award

JBH in an industry leader in construction safety and has just received recognition for an incident rate of 25% below the national average for 2015,  recognition we have maintained consecutively year after year. 

Now Hiring in NM and AZ

JBH is looking for a Project Manager II to work in our Albuquerque, NM office and a Piping Estimator supporting Chandler, AZ operations. 

If interested, read more here and send resume and cover letter to

AZ Area Manager to Present at ASCC Industry Conference

Arizona Area Manager Tracy Lucero will present "Get Real, Get's an Adventure!" at the 2016 American Society of Concrete Contractors conference in San Diego, CA July 14-16. As the JBH lean pioneer, Tracy is presenting from her perspective as a relative newcomer to Lean Construction/Continuous Improvement speaking about her area's experience realized after participating in an owner sponsored experiment incorporating the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Cycle during completion of a large process-piping contract. Today Tracy and her team are an army of 'Kaizen Warriors', ready to fight the daily fight of identifying and eliminating waste.