Lean Construction

Lean Construction

The following lean inspired activities have become Standard Operating Procedures for JBH, originally pioneered by the JBH Arizona area. These SOPs put lean principles into practice where they directly support productivity, installation activities, site cleanliness, quality, safety, budget, and most importantly employee morale.

Daily Crew Plan:  As indicated by its name, it is the daily plan communicated by every foreman to his crew based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle of continuous improvement. Critical daily items are noted, daily goals documented (ie. feet of pipe installed, #of welds completed), work verifications made, lessons learned discussed, and finally improvement opportunities documented specific to safety, crew performance, and delays

Field Leadership: A bi-weekly meeting where all foremen and above participate in a Study Action Team where they discuss key learning’s from the Daily Crew Plans that can be incorporated across crews and jobsites.  This group also learns together through their regular Study Action Team™.  This forum involves reading a book in leadership, lean or other industry topic and developing an action plan on how the book could be used to improve our everyday operations.  This event offers a continued learning initiative to the core field leaders within our company, the persons responsible for ensuring work gets in place safely, with quality, within budget and on time.  The more they know, the better equipped they are to lead and inspire their crews to deliver customer satisfaction

Kaizan Card: A 3x5 card for employees to document improvement opportunities identifying waste in terms of the 8 deadly wastes i. Defects ii. Over-production iii. Waiting iv. Non-Utilized Talent v. Transportation vi. Inventory vii. Motion viii. Extra-Processing. The employee suggests the waste type, notes an estimate of how much this waste is costing daily, and offers an improvement idea. There have been over 800 improvement ideas generated using this program.

Field Leadership and Project Management Kanban Boards: This is a large visual cue statusing improvement opportunities through the cycle of 'backlog', 'To Do', 'Doing', and 'Done'. This ensures that improvement opportunities are seen through to completion and not left unaddressed.

3 S'ing: Sweep, Sort, and Standardize: this practice is done daily and offers a designated time for each employee to clean their work area, sort materials, and standardize their activities for the day ahead. Upon initial lean implementation, 3'sing was applied to the entire work site and resulted in drastically improved workspaces

Standard Crew Routine: This is a standardized structure used by every crew, every day.  It revolves around the PDCA. Activities include: Part 1 PLAN: Beginning of Day: Tool Box Talk, Stretch/Flex and Pre-Task Plan Completion, Kaizen Crew Learning- read aloud from a leadership book or watching a video from the JBH Video Learning Library, Kick-Off daily crew plan (with the foreman already having completed the 'plan' area), 3S'ing- prep for direct installation activities. Part 2 DO: Execute the work as planned Part 3 CHECK and ACT: End of Day Routine: dedicated time to review the daily activities and document 'what bugged you', review any suggested improvements, note what improvements can happen during the following morning's 3 S'ing.