Who We Are


It is our goal to be accessible to our customers at all times. Our management team is available and involved from beginning to end of every project. Our staff is empowered to make critical decisions.


We have our own pipe and sheet metal fabrication shops located at our main physical plant. We are not limited to over-the-counter materials. We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor make even the most complex piping and exhaust systems. Our fully staffed shops welcome challenges that come with special systems.


We have extensive experience in the high-tech environment and are familiar with advance systems and protocol. Having our own on-site clean room affords us the advantage of constructing and customizing any ultra-high purity gas system.


We have been in the construction business since 1959. We have extensive experience in all areas of general and mechanical contracting. Our union trade agreements allow us access to a labor force that is well trained and has a wealth of experience.


We can perform up to eighty-five percent of a contract with in-house personnel. This affords the company better control over scheduling, quality and cost, which translates to a direct benefit to our clients.


We have a corporate commitment to quality and safety that originates in our mission statement and is realized by its people. From the president to the trade worker in the field, safety is at the core of JB Henderson's operations.


We are mindful of our customer's needs and therefore maintain our in-house contract administration operations and our knowledge of the industry on the leading edge. Our familiarity with technology and our problem-solving attitude are a winning combination.


J. B. Henderson Construction maintains a strong presence in the industry as a quality organization that cares about its community and employees. Our employees volunteer their time and donate their money to a variety of organizations such as Junior Achievement and the United Way of Central New Mexico. JBH makes an effort to honor all sponsorship requests from employee's children. JBH also maintains an internal employee/employer-funded account to assist employees with medical financial crises.